Marlboro "snus" vs Camel "SNUS". Wait, what? Really? 30 December 2010.

Disclaimer: Granted, I do write about American "SNUS" and "snus" from time to time, but the focus of my blog/website is introducing people to REAL Swedish Snus. When it comes to snus, REAL Snus comes from Sweden. There's a difference, and the difference is big. Please read this article to learn the difference for yourself.

Some of my long time readers may be asking, "Why, Chad, Why?" Why would I devote a whole article to write about two attempts to bastardize REAL Swedish Snus? Speaking of these two in a head on head is about as useless an argument as the ultimate question itself - "Which is a better mascot? A turd sandwich or a giant douche?" To explain, I track keywords which bring people to this website. Most of them include things like "Camel Snus Reviews, Marlboro Snus Reviews, Camel Snus, Marlboro snus, Robust, Winterchill, Frost, Mellow, Rich, Spearmint, Marlboro Snus vs Camel Snus", etc. etc. Well, to satisfy those looking for an answer to the battle of Marlboro "snus" vs Camel "SNUS", this article is just for you. Be prepared - I'm not nice when it comes to these two topics.

In October 2009 I wrote about Marlboro "snus" for the first time. In April 2010 I wrote about the National Release of Marlboro "snus". In November 2009 I wrote about the first release of Camel Robust & Winterchill and then followed it on August 2010 with the National Release of Camel "SNUS" Robust & Winterchill. I've written about BS articles by RJR that say they "revolutionized snus", and I even wrote a full length article comparing American "snus" vs Swedish Snus. So I haven't been silent on the subject of American knock-offs. But this being a site/blog about Swedish Snus, maybe 5% of my articles have been about these bastardized versions. When it comes to these American products, how different are they? Well, they both have one thing in common. They both fail at snus.

When you compare portion size, you can see that the Camel "SNUS" portion is much bigger than the Marlboro "snus" portion. The material is different too - with the Camel "SNUS" portion being a little softer in the lip than the Marlboro "snus" portion, which is much dryer. The packaging is much different. The Camel "SNUS" tin is easier to use/store your snus, the Marlboro "snus" tin is a clustermess when it comes to accessing/storing your snus. In this area, I give the advantage to Camel "SNUS". Though I will note that Camel "SNUS" potions are too damn big. Seriously.

One of the things I always like to mention when writing on this topic is just how dry these American "snus" products are. One of the things I love the most about REAL Swedish Snus is how moist and comfortable the portions are. It seems like the question Altria and RJ Reynolds asked themselves when it came to making snus is, "How can we get cigarettes in their lip without them eating them?" And the logical answer was "Unroll a cigarette, put it in a pouch, and re brand it as snus!" After all, looking at the picture to the left of the tobacco used in Camel "SNUS" shows you it looks a lot like cigarette tobacco. Both companies completely missed this point when attempting to release snus in America. After all, RJR, if you revolutionized snus, shouldn't your tobacco be moist? That's what makes a snus great. A good, moist product.

I will, however, give the advantage in this area to Camel "SNUS". If you look at the picture to the right of Marlboro "snus", you can see how much dryer it truly is than the Camel "SNUS". Marlboro "snus" has between 11%-12% moisture, while Camel "SNUS" has 33%, and Swedish is between 50%-55%. Though both are quite dry when you look at the them, the Camel "SNUS" is slightly more moist. What about nicotine strength? The nicotine content of each is listed as 7.61mg for Rich, 6.33mg for Mild, 6.45mg for Peppermint, and 6.45 for Spearmint. Camel "SNUS" (American) is listed as having 8mg. However, when you look at free nicotine (usable nicotine), that number drops dramatically, between 2-3mg. When it comes to Swedish Snus, nicotine levels are between 5mg and 19mg (estimated). Much higher than the American knock-offs, of course. I found remarks by David Howard of RJ Reynolds recently to be rather interesting. "A lot of adults make a decision to quit smoking this time of the year," Howard said. "For those making that attempt, but still wanting the pleasure of tobacco, we're saying, 'Here's an option.'" What's interesting about that is for a product they think can help people quit smoking, they sure didn't put much nicotine in it! The fact of the matter is this. Camel "SNUS" and Marlboro "snus" aren't designed to help people quit smoking. They're a product designed to supplement your cigarette use and to buy another product from their product line. That's the hard truth. Swedish Snus can, and does, help people quit smoking. That's a proven fact. People who have quit smoking with Camel "SNUS" have done it by finding Swedish Snus through Camel "SNUS" and quitting smoking with that. Trust me, I know hundreds of them. Check out KillaPods.EU - we talk about it quite regularly.

Wait, this is an article about Marlboro "snus" vs Camel "SNUS", why am I bringing up Swedish Snus? Alas - I had my own motives! I won't go into full details, but check out my recent article about Swedish Snus vs American "snus". When it comes to Marlboro "snus" vs Camel "SNUS", well, they both suck. I hate to say it, but that's the cold hard truth. If you're finding this article and hoping to find an answer to that question - I don't have one for you. They're both terrible knock-offs of a great product in Swedish Snus. If you're using either one of these, or interesting in either one to help you quit smoking - don't bother. Get online at KillaPods to find a store near you that carries REAL Swedish Snus, or check out a webstore that carries snus and have snus shipped direct to you from Sweden and experience a product with a rich 200 year history that can truly help you quit smoking.